Honour Code


The AION Academy Honour Code is the foundation of our academic and social community, embodying our dedication to integrity, respect, academic excellence, and personal responsibility. This code guides our actions, decisions, and interactions, ensuring a supportive and equitable learning environment.

1. Integrity

We expect all coursework, exams, and academic projects to be completed with honesty. Plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty are strictly prohibited. Students must acknowledge all sources of information and collaboration.

2. Respect

Our community thrives on mutual respect. This includes respecting differences in opinions, backgrounds, and beliefs. Harassment, discrimination, and any form of disrespect are unacceptable.

3. Responsibility

Students, faculty, and staff share the responsibility to maintain and uphold the principles of the Honour Code. This includes reporting any observed violations and taking steps to prevent academic misconduct.

4. Fairness

We are committed to ensuring fairness in grading, feedback, and opportunities for academic growth. Assessments will be conducted impartially, recognizing the efforts and achievements of each student.

5. Courage

We encourage members of our community to stand up for their principles, to address and report misconduct, and to support others in their efforts to uphold the Honour Code.

Implementation and Enforcement

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Upon joining AION Academy, all members will receive information on the Honour Code, including examples of honorable and dishonorable conduct.

  • Reporting System

A confidential reporting system will be established for anyone who witnesses or suspects violations of the Honour Code. This system will protect the anonymity of the reporter to the extent possible.

  • Investigation Process

Reported violations will be investigated thoroughly by a committee dedicated to upholding the Honour Code. This committee will include representatives from both the student body and faculty.

  • Consequences

Violations may result in various disciplinary actions, ranging from written warnings to expulsion, depending on the severity of the misconduct. The process will be fair, transparent, and respect the rights of all involved.

Continuous Improvement

The Honour Code is a living document, subject to review and revision to meet the evolving needs of the AION Academy community. Feedback from students, faculty, and staff is essential for its ongoing relevance and effectiveness.


By adhering to the Honour Code, we create an environment that promotes personal growth, academic excellence, and a culture of mutual respect and integrity. It is through our collective commitment to these principles that AION Academy will continue to thrive as a leading online learning platform and school.

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